What 2-Week Quarantine for Royal Caribbean Crew Is Like? Martina aranguren from argentina shares some insight info

Martina is one of our formed cremembers, she started as photographer back in 2017 and now is a broadcast technician for Royal Caribbean International. She explained on her YouTube channel what quarantining onboard a cruise ship is like and how minimum manning operations are conducted during the pandemic.

She is is currently onboard the Serenade of the Seas and her job is to take care of the “technical stuff”. The cruiseship is currently near Barbados, operating with minimum manning. She is in a guest cabin with no roommate until she finished her 14 day quarantine, extra quarantine will depende on the country you are tarveling from and a good news is that wifi is free, “We basically login, select a free package, and we are free to use it,” she mentiones.

She gets 2 dailyd temperature checks and 3 daily meals. You will get paid to your basice salary during this quarantine.

The laundry was done once a week, she would receive an empty bag, which she would fill with clothing that needed washing. The clean clothes would then be returned to her later. To keep the cabins clean, the crew members were also provided with cleaning equipment weekly.

After completing the quarantine, the crew members were allowed to mingle and socialize again.

“The best area to socialize during a pandemic is on the open deck on deck 11,” Martina said. “Smokers can be there, and it’s an open area so it’s a lot better and a lot easier to keep social distancing.”

She also explained how the CDC regulations work onboard. Ships are divided into three traffic-light categories, based on whether there are suspected or confirmed coronavirus cases on there, or if it’s believed to be coronavirus-free to the best knowledge.

The Serenade of the Seas is a “green” ship, which means no coronavirus cases have been diagnosed or suspected onboard. 

Thanks a lot Martina for this great updates you are doing and sharins with all of us!!

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