There are numerous advantages about working on cruise ships, among others:

  • Saving money for a short period of time, 
  • Traveling around the world, 
  • Meeting people from many different nationalities and cultures, 
  • Developing professional skills and 
  • Gaining work experience.

Living and working on a cruise ship is for many people an unique experience, fulfilling a life-long dream to travel and meet new people. The job best suits adventurous people, who are willing to work hard  and who strive for perfection.

Jobs on cruise ships are becoming more available due to lots of new ships being put into service and that is why there has never been a better time to apply for a job onboard a cruise ship like NOW!!

Compared to other industries, cruiselines have a much higher employee turnover rate. Many people consider cruise line jobs as life-long careers, change ships or cruise companies, go on holiday, or simply return to a job on shore. Cruise lines are therefore always looking for new staff.

Thinking of working on a cruise ship but you’re not sure of what’s involved? We have tried to answer many frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give you as much information as possible before you start applying for cruise ship jobs.

We know there’s a lot to consider. As you go through the application process, our recruiters will be glad to provide guidance, and more relevant details to answer any additional questions about shipboard life


Some testimonials of our applicants working on cruises

Magali Berton


First transatlantic and three days and a half at sea! Avoiding hurricane Maria in the US atlantic coast.. More than excited!” De niña siempre quise recorrer el mundo, viajar, explorar, ver cosas que no se encuentran a simple vista. Frecuentemente desee poder volar lejos, ser parte de un mundo totalmente nuevo. Todos esos sueños hoy son mi realidad, mi dia a dia. Dicen que cuando las buenas intenciones predominan y los deseos son muy fuertes, el universo conspira.

This is my “job” Never imagined myself beeing tour photographer and escort of big groups, visiting wonderful places and meeting incredible people all around the world. I feel so blessed so thankful with this life!

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Es una muy buena oportunidad para ganar experiencia en todo sentido, tanto personal como profesional, a mi me sirvió y me hizo crecer bastante. Es difícil al principio acostumbrarse, porque es mucha información junta, y el trabajo es bastante agotador, pero es lo que me esperaba, por momentos es bastantes complicado, pero así también disfruté mucho trabajar con los guests y con algunos miembros del team que realmente brindan mucho soporte a uno. Yo embarqué desde Galveston, Texas e hice Caribe todo mi contrato, Cozumel – México, Roatán – Honduras, Belize, Islas Caimán, Falmouth – Jamaica, San Juan – Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts & Nevis y Phillipsburg – Saint Maarteen. Los lugares hermosos, la experiencia de viajar y conocer esos lugares, increíble, me encantó.

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Ismael Heredia


Curt Myers


After My 1st Contract on board the Beautiful CelebrityEclipse, I can say that working doing the thing you Love while getting to know the world, is not a Job, it’s a Privileged… Patiently waiting to continue MyAdventure on board the equally Beautiful CelebrityReflection

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The main thing in this job is to have fun! If you can enjoy it, it’s gonna be easier for you, and guest will see it and they will enjoy it as well. Laugh, joke, make them feel like they’d be with a friend. They love it, and their pictures will really look natural. It’s important for your teammates as well! They will love to work with you if you are a happy person ready to teach and learn.

And do you want to know the best part of my experience? Yes, the world!!! In my 8 months contract I’ve been in 21 different countries, and I couldn’t count the cities because it’s a lot. I joined the ship in Argentina and I went to Uruguay, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Panamá (I crossed Panama Canal!), Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, México, USA, Bahamas, Portugal (yes, we did transatlantic too!), France, Belgium, England, Irland, Nothern Irland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, and Spain. Isn’t it amaaaazing? And I had time to go out quite a lot. I did snorkeling in Bahamas, zip line in Costa Rica, an Eiffel Tower tour, another one to a boat in a Belgium river, one more to the top of the fjords in Norway (above the clouds!), kayaking, tasting wine in a Portugal vineyard, and so so many good memories that I’d spend the whole day writing about it. So now you know, the experience is unforgettable!

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Magali Riva


Alejandro Conta


Mi primer tarea fue fotografiar pasajeros mientras nos alejabamos de la costa al atardecer. Sin dudas una de las imagenes mas hermosas que vi en mi vida. Escribiendo desde el Mar de Coral el 28/02/2016 a las 12:29, unas catorce horas adelantado a Argentina. Saludos desde el futuro. 19 de Marzo, 2016: Este crucero esta siendo increible. Agregue dos paises nuevos a mi lista: Vanuatu y Fiji. Los dos increibles. Hice snorkeling en Mistery Island y vi otro mundo ahi abajo, realmente indescriptible. Hoy estuve en Lautoka y fui a recorrer un mercado con un local de aca. Me convidaron kaba, que es una bebida hecha con una raiz que tiene gusto a tierra y te duerme la boca. Muchisimas historias para escribir. 

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